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About Pilates
Pilates focuses on using the core muscles (abdominal, back, gluteus, and hips) to strengthen, stretch and support the entire body. The series of exercises are designed to bring the body to a state of balance while improving strength, posture, flexibility and circulation.

What sets pilates apart from other disciplines of exercises are the principles that are applied to the work. The following concepts are important to remember while executing each movement.


Centering: Focusing on the center of the body, the deep abdominal muscles, to stabilize and movement the entire body.

Concentration: To achieve maximum value from each movement focused attention must be given.

Precision: Each movement is performed with proper alignment and awareness to the entire body. Quality of the movement is emphasized.

Flow: With continued practice and awareness of the above concepts, the exercises should be performed with grace, ease and fluidity.

Breath: The breath initiates and guides each movement. it is used to cleanse the body and deepen the work in the core.

Control: Each movement is performed with complete muscular control rather than relying of momentum.

Everyone Benefits From Pilates

Anyone: Anyone looking to add variety to his/her workout routine, or to start fresh with an exercise regimen. A great compliment to yoga.

Athletes: (surfers, golfers, dancers, etc) Increase flexibility and range of motion. Due to repetitive movements in sports, there is often muscle imbalance. We work to strengthen the weak muscles and stretch the tight ones.

Elderly: Low impact on joints, increase bone density, prevents injury by strengthening abs, hips, and back, common causes of injury.

Prenatal: Strengthen the pelvic floor muscles to support the mother during pregnancy and delivery. Exercises to prevent common problems with pregnancy such as sciatica and lower back pain due to weakness and frontal weight gain.

Postpartum: The focus is to regain abdominal strength and help lead the body back to balance.

Overweight: Low impact exercises make it safe to work the entire body while strengthening and losing weight.

Bella Pilates, located in San Clemente, offers the best Pilates instruction in South Orange County.
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